Central Wisconsin[]

The International Crane Foundation is in Baraboo, Wisconsin -- about 45 minutes out of Madison on the way toward Minneapolis. These folks sponsor projects that protect whooping cranes from extinction. About half an hour up the road from the ICF is the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge where work is going on right now training this years young whoopers to follow an ultralight on the migration path south (to San Padre Wildlife refuge, I think). Anyway, this is fascinating stuff and if you have a chance to check in with these people you might be rewarded by a look at these huge primitive cranes in flight.

UW - Stevens Point has an awesome College of Natural Resources and a lot of interesting environmental sites in the surrounding area. UW-SP was recently selected as one of the five UW system schools to be energy inderpendent by 2012

CWES is a field station that does a lot of envirnmental education with school age children; but also allows its facilities to be rented out for overnight or longer stays, with or without programming provided by the staff. During the summer it puts on summer camps during the week, still allowing for contract groups on most weekends.

The Ice Age Trail, which follows moraines left by one of the glaciers, is right nearby CWES and an awesome place to hike around. If you're looking for environmental stuff you should definately check out UW-SP and the surrounding area.

Stevens Point is about 30 minutes by hybrid from Waupaca. Waupaca is a lake district with (about) 14 lakes all connected in a chain. Cool