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Amanda Across America Edit


As you may know, we will be traveling across the country in the next few weeks. On our way we will visit all kinds of people and places-- we may even run into you. So we've created this wiki to interact with you.

We are asking you, THE FORCE, to suggest points of interest across the USA. You live in lots of different places and are all experts in those various are also experts in the places where you used to live.

Or maybe you're German or Japanese (or maybe even Gerpanese) but you just happen to know some cool places to visit in the US. Maybe you lived here for a while or you do a lot of traveling.

We encourage you to link to photos, video, and outside resources. We'd love to meet you, get to know you.

Ideally together we will create a super-awesome interactive guide to America.

You are THE FORCE. And THE FORCE is with us.

Hope to see you soon & thank you in advance for your expert advice. Mario & Amanda

P.S. If anyone knows how to set up a map wiki, that would be so cool. (Try Wikimapia -ac)

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Suggest a place! See List of Suggestions

Outrageous Stories Edit

Post your best road trip stories at Outrageous Road Trip Stories.

Environmental awareness Edit

Save the earth one step at a time with Environmental awareness.

Gallery Edit

See also: Amanda Across America Gallery

The Trip So Far Edit

Dates are according to post dates at

Week of 9/17/06 Edit

Trip started on a Tuesday

Week of 9/24/06 Edit

Week of 10/01/06 Edit

  • Day 13: Break day?
  • Day 14: Interview posted with producer/photojournalists Molly Bingham and Steve Connors of Meeting Resistance, a documentary following resistance movements of the Iraqi War. Interview took place in Washington D.C.
  • Day 15: Interview posted with blogger Ed Cone, a Greensboro, North Carolina resident with an emphasis on local blogging and its effect.
  • Day 16: Interview posted with general manager Mike Sechrist, blogger-reporter Brittany Gilbert and video journalist Tom Dunn at WKRN, a Nashville, Tennessee ABC affiliate which has a "one-person camera crew" outfit.
  • Day 17: Not-so-obvious ConvergeSouth Promo. Also, Graceland!
  • Day 18: City Museum St. Louis
  • Day 19: Super Saturday Spectacular! Featuring clips of the fountains in Philadelphia, what not to do when drunk...

Week of 10/08/06 Edit

Week of 10/15/06 Edit

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