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While you are here, meet John Stauber, author of Toxic Sludge is Good for You!

The nonprofit Center for Media and Democracy strengthens participatory democracy by investigating and exposing public relations spin and propaganda, and by promoting media literacy and citizen journalism, media "of, by and for the people." Our programs include PR Watch, a quarterly investigative journal; six books by CMD staff; Spin of the Day; the Weekly Spin listserv; and, Congresspedia and SourceWatch, part of our wiki-based investigative journalism collaborative to which anyone, including you, can contribute.

World Dairy Expo![]

OMG! OMG! You're going to be here just in time for the World Dairy Expo!

You'll find the most modern dairy equipment and the newest dairy technology and innovations, including animal health supplies, milking systems, feeding products, forage handling and manure equipment plus embryos, semen and genetic research. You'll see North America's top dairy cattle compete for honors in seven breed shows. Throughout the week meet herd owners in the barns, place your bids at five cattle auctions and then watch the Parade of Champions and the selection of World Dairy Expo's Supreme Champion

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