LOVE what you are doing with SAC. Very fun to watch. Obviously, you are enjoying yourself and it comes across to the viewers.

I have a couple of technical questions that I was hoping you could help me with.

I have a little video blog and we are trying to make it as easy to use and fun to watch as the 'big boys'. I was curious as to how you can offer both .mov and flash on the same page. I hope you don't mind, but I took a little peek at the source code and I see that we are both using Word Press, and that you have some java up or something to handle it. Is it a plug in ? Would you mind letting me know? Currently I use .mov, but can convert to flash. I just am stuck on the presentation side.

Also - the new wireless mic is great! We are using a wired version, but do have a wireless. On location, we haven't mastered the clunky receiver/power issue. We tape a bunch of batteries into a housing and then hold it in one hand and the camera in the other... not surprisingly, we seldom use the wireless. Have you discovered an easy way to power the receiver?

Any help you can provide us here in Canada would be greatly appreciated. I've added a Starring Amanda Congdon link on our site.

thanks in advance, Mark mark [at] brockvlog [dat] com

You can find the answers regarding the posting of quicktime and flash from our friends at galacticast right here where Rudy posted it. He is the code master.

Using our wireless mics are great. We use a Sennheiser EW100ENGG2 so no problem with powering, the reciever and transmitters each use only a couple of AA batteries.