Home of Big Oil!!! Maybe you can grill some affluent people there!  ;-)

Seriously, though; Houston is a great place and by the time you get down there, the weather should be really nice.

I don't think you can avoid a stop in Houston and visits to Enron, Halliburton, KBR, ExxonMobil, etc.

  • I believe Matthew Mullenweg (, creator of WordPress, lives in Houston so you may be able to catch an interview.
  • Kinky Friedman ( is running an interesting campaign for governor here in Texas. He has a strong environmental platform. You could also try to meet up with the Democrat running for governer here, Chris Bell ( I think either should try to make time for a journalist travelling cross-country on an environmental crusade.
  • The Pacifica radio affliate in Houston, KPFT (, could help you organize an event. They are very progressive. You could at least record a PSA for them.
  • We have a nice inner-city arboretum ( where we have some great naturalists for you to meet. I'm trying to introduce them to the idea of video blogging or putting their video training resources on-line using something like FireAnt.
  • The Park People ( advocate for green space here in Houston, the sprawling fourth-largest city in the United States.