Here are some questions that are asked by you and will hopefully/helpfully be answered by you and us.[]

That's not even 10 miunets well spent! That's not even 10 miunets well spent!


  • You should tell us a bit more about the car (it's a hybrid, right?)
Yes, it is a Ford Escape Hybrid.
  • How many MPG?
We are averaging round 36 mpg.
  • It's great that they gave you a car, but doesn't it suck that a (non-hybrid) Corolla could do better?
  • How fast does it go?
We've got it going 90ish, but it can go faster.
  • Does it have a GPS?
Yes it does.
  • An mp3 player?
We are using RoadTrip to connect our iPods through the radio.
  • Satellite or HD radio built in?


  • What kind of cameras do you use?
We are using a few cameras. Our primary camera is a Sony HRD-HC1, and our secondary is a Panasonic PV-GS400. There are also a couple gadgets that we use to shoot both video and stills, the Canon SD-600 is one, and the Nokia N-93 is the other.


  • Why don't you work with a professional cameraman?(I am getting dizzy!)
  • Why don't you edit the videos?


  • Who are your sponsors (more than just an name)?
  • Why did they want to sponsor you?
  • Why did you want them as a sponsor?
  • How are they supporting you?
  • Did they come to you, or did you go to them?