Assorted topics in environmental awareness are featured here. Topics related to the most recent videoblogs are listed at the top.

Wetlands and waterway protection[]

Main article: Hydrological conservation

From 2000 to 2003 our company, Mountain Visions, helped produce 5 Interactive Watershed web sites on large scale communty watershed restoration projects across the U.S. These include interactive maps, 360 degree panoramas, video sequences and Community Networking Centers. Below is a link to a U.S. map where you can visit each one of these web sites.

11 years worth of similar natural resource web site projects can be found on our own web site, including new Google Earth movies and High Definition video.

Hybrid vehicles[]

Main article: Hybrid vehicle

Hybrid vehicles are motor-powered vehicles that use a typical gas-combustion engine, and a battery, as a means of propulsion. The use of the battery allows the vehicle to consume less gasoline than a non-hybrid vehicle equivalent.

How the battery is implemented in the hybrid vehicle differs from one manufacturer to the next. Toyota, for example, has implemented its hybrid systems to allow for zero gas consumption below a certain speed (generally, 25 mph / 40 km/h), while Honda and other manufacturers have implemented their hybrid systems to focus on improved performance, allowing a hybrid vehicle to have more horsepower than its non-hybrid counterpart.


Conservation for homeowners[]

In this section there should be topics related to many recycling issues (paper, glass, computers, etc., ) many energy issues (gas and oil, solar, wind, etc.,) state and federal subisidies for home improvement conservation options, and other homeowner conservation issues.

Can people contribute a list of topics here that everyone can expand upon?