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Ideas, Suggestions, Dialogue? Put it all here, don't be shy.

Use rihannas song we found love in a hopeless place as a parody we found dove in a Soapless place.

== list of ideas ==

  • SNUGGLE SPOT: The commercial starts with the camera panning across a large and loud crowd at a sporting event that is cheering for their favorite mud wrestling champion. The air is heavy with anticipation. An announcer’s voice is heard in the background: “Chuck this looks interesting...” The camera begins to move in and is focused on the center ring and two very muddy people as the crowd’s chants “Amanda,” “Amanda,” “Amanda.” We see Amanda for this first time. She’s struggling. She’s muddy. She’s wrestling. (Note to self: have camera spin around wrestlers.) Amanda is in a fight for her life. She appears exhausted and in need of a bath. Behind the veneer of mud, you can see her determination. Music is heard in the background and is getting louder and louder. It’s the theme song from Rocky! (Note: hum: “dunt, dunt, da, dunt-dunt da, dunt dunt da, dant dunt, da dunt da-da, da-da, da-dadda-da, da-da) Amanda smiles. She knows she’d going to clean up! Amanda becomes re-energized. She swiftly moves around her opponent and wins the match!! Music becomes louder. The announcer goes wild. (Note to self: no wardrobe malfunctions. Already been done.) Voice over artist comes on with Rocky theme playing in background:

You don’t need to struggle to get clean…

Try the New DOVE Cream Oil Body Wash

Shot of Amanda in tub enjoying Dove Cream Oil Body Wash. Smiling. Product positioned on edge of tub. Sun shines in from window. It’s a beautiful day baby. (Note to self: Man would I love to be at that shoot or what!!)

Voiceover artist: It’s snuggle time! The New Dove Cream Oil Body Wash. Get SNUGGLE-RIFIC.

  • Have female viewers send in headshots of themselves without make-up to show the beauty of nature and flash them in sequence
  • Ask your viewers to send in their own Dove commercials
  • Made a video of Amanda in fast motion removing her make up and showing her natural face
  • Take the ideas from the wiki and ask your viewers to choose/vote for the best or top 3
  • A dancing montage.
  • Your voice describing the product as the camera shows the activity behind a closed opaque shower curtain with the sounds of a shower running. Mario pulls back the curtain from inside the shower, looks straight into the camera and says "Amanda, I'm already using it". Camera pans over to you sitting on the toilet seat facing the shower reading the products label in profile to the camera. Head swish to the camera, hold up the product for the beauty shot and closing voice over - The second in the series would have Drew in the shower, with Psycho music :)
  • Amanda unboomed...disheveled Amanda delivers vlog filled with bleeped expletives...Amanda showers with Dove..."normal" fun-loving Amanda delivers vlog.
  • A collage of people who have changed the world for the better (i.e. Mother Teresa)
  • I think keep it simple and keep it real. Go for that angle, that's kind of how they are selling it and that's ideal for the video blogg format. Don't say anything you don't mean, just entice the viewer to have a look and make their own mind up. If you use it and it works for you, tell us - that's enough.

The ad looks awesome - you did an amazing job, Amanda! Such a cool example of the real beauty campaign..and very fresh and "clean" - looking. Super cool.

I like the idea but the ad spends more time on the mud wrestling than the dove soap (not that I wouldn't want to see you mud wrestle). What about getting a little car grease on you. That's harder to clean than mud and would say hey, this dove cleans even the toughest dirt and leaves you feeling great. My two cents.

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