You've got to come to Austin! It's not all about SXSWi.

- Great music.

- We've got a fanciful gubentorial race going on. Great interviews with Kinky Freidman or Carol Keeton Strayhorn are probably likely.

- You could hang out with the women from the PMS Clan, the largest women's video game clan in the world. The founders are in San Antonio and I be they'd come up for the day.

- Lots of game studios to hang with.

- Did I mention great music?

- Cool off in Barton Springs.

- Great podcasters like (woops, shameless plug).

- Female social media pioneers like Ynema Mangum (another shameless plug, right) and Connie Reece. and

- Climb Mt. Bonnel with me and do an interview! Contact

- The editor of the Metaverse Messenger, the popular Second Life newspaper, lives in Llano, I bet we could get her to come to Austin to hang.

- Rockin' Mexican food and BBQ.

Come to Austin, you'll love it!